Judicial Council Moves to High-profile Address in Downtown Bratislava

Bratislava. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 30 (TASR) – Fifteen years after its founding, the Judicial Council on Monday ceremonially moved to its own recently acquired premises at Miestodrzitelsky Palac (Governor’s Palace) on the Main Square in Bratislava.

The fact that this top constitutional body was given by Government a headquarters on such a high-profile address is a piece of good news, according to Judicial Council chair Jana Bajankova. The Judicial Council was earlier seated in rented premises of the Justice Ministry on Zupne Square.

“This symbolism indicates that the attitudes of society, as well as the executive and legislative powers towards the judiciary have changed, putting it to the centre of things,” said Bajankova.

Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (SNS), who attended the opening ceremony at Miestodrzitelsky Palac, said that it was important to provide the Judicial Council with its own premises.

“It’s very important that the judiciary has been receiving premises and powers, which – I believe – will be further boosted in the future,” said Danko.

“Really, 26 years after the [Velvet] Revolution, the judiciary should have far more autonomy,” said Danko.