Kovarik Appointed Police Corps President

Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLANO, left) and Police Corps president Peter Kovarik at an appointment ceremony of the latter. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, January 28 (TASR) – Acting Police Corps president Peter Kovarik was appointed to the post on a more permanent basis by Interior Minister Roman Mikulec on Thursday.

Mikulec after making the appointment said that he considers Kovarik a professional and he doesn’t mind that he was at the Government Office (as the head of an anti-corruption department) during the previous government. “He isn’t a politician. He’s nothing but a professional,” said Mikulec.

The interior minister also announced preparations for a reform of the police, with the way of how Police Corps president is appointed also to be changed.

Kovarik, who was recommended for the post by a parliamentary commission, stated that the police under his leadership will be non-political.

The Police Corps president’s term in office is four years, while a single person can hold the post only twice.