NAKA’s ‘Elektro’ Team Takes Action at Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant

NAKA special team codenamed 'Elektro' (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 3 (TASR) – A special team from the National Crime Agency (NAKA), codenamed ‘Elektro’, along with some 100 police officers and others are carrying out a raid on the premises of Mochovce nuclear power plant (NPP) in Nitra region as part of a police operation called ‘Atom’, the police have reported on a social network.

“The operation is being carried out within criminal proceedings concerning the particularly serious crime of fraud, which is directly connected with the completion of the third and fourth reactor blocks of Mochovce NPP,” stated the police, who plan to provide more detailed information as soon as the situation allows it.

NAKA also carried out a raid at Mochovce NPP in November. Two people – a company manager and an authorised representative of a contractor involving in constructing the two reactor blocks – were detained during that operation, codenamed ‘Manager’.

“The operation is related to the provision of services during which an invoiced volume of work was artificially inflated by 1,000 percent,” stated the police in November, adding that all the unjustifiably increased amounts had already been paid to the contractor. The ‘Elektro’ team searched the premises of a company based in Levice (Nitra region) as well as those of the nuclear power station.