PG Zilinka Orders Biro to Examine Subsidy for Kalinsky’s NGO

Prosecutor-general Maros Zilinka (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, January 23 (TASR) – Prosecutor-General (PG) Maros Zilinka posted on a social network on Saturday he’s imposed a duty on Deputy Special Prosecutor Alexander Biro to examine whether the crime of damaging financial interests of the EU or the crime of corruption was committed in connection with the provision of a subsidy for the NGO For a Better Future.

“Based on the information that appeared in media I ordered the deputy special prosecutor to examine whether or not any of these crimes was committed in connection with the provision of the subsidy of almost €390,000 from the Operational Programme Quality of Environment by the Environment Ministry,” wrote Zilinka.

Environment Minister Jan Budaj (OLaNO) earlier on Saturday said he’ll turn to the PG and ask him for the meeting. At the meeting Budaj wanted to ask Zilinka to consider examining suspicions regarding the crime (of corruption) in connection with the provision of the aforementioned subsidy.

Meanwhile, Budaj does not admit any corruption or influencing at his ministry. He ordered audit as soon as on the day when the accusations were raised and asked the Finance Ministry to oversee the drawing of the money.

Hospodarske noviny daily on Thursday (January 21) reported on the approval of two subsidies from EU funds amounting to almost €390,000 for the NGO For a Better Society. In reaction, the NGO’s authorised representative Pavol Kalinsky denied that the success of the projects has anything to do with his current job as the prime minister’s advisor. At the same time he announced that he’s terminating cooperation with the Government Office.