Prosecutor Wants Kuciak Murder Case to Be Returned to Specialised Criminal Court

Murdered journalist Jan Kuciak (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 15 (TASR) – A prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office has proposed that the Supreme Court should annul the 2020 verdict of the Specialised Criminal Court in the case of the murders of journalist Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova, requesting that the case should be returned to the Specialised Criminal Court and dealt with by a different senate, head of the Supreme Court’s senate dealing with appeals in the case Peter Paluda stated on Tuesday.

According to Paluda, the prosecutor is concerned that the original senate of the Specialised Crimimal Court might not consider certain pieces of evidence thoroughly and may analyse individual facts in isolation. At the same time, the prosecutor proposed a new piece of evidence – an expert analysis of communications between Marian K. and Alena Zs.

“Apart from other things, it was discovered that the communications contain passages that can be interpreted by other than literal meanings,” said Paluda, explaining that Marian K. and Alena Zs. communicated in ciphers.

In addition, the prosecutor is of the opinion that the senate of the Specialised Criminal Court looked at Marian K.’s motivation for ordering the hit in an isolated manner, failing to take the circumstances concerning the other accused people in the case into consideration. As for Alena Zs., had the senate considered the entire picture, there would have been no room for doubt about her guilt in his view.

The prosecutor also opined that the senate acquitted Marian K. and Alena Zs. of charges only because it could then say that it didn’t succumb to pressure from the media.

The Supreme Court senate is expected to announce its verdicts concerning the appeals in the case on Tuesday afternoon.