RegioJet Train Leaves Poprad Station Late Due to Bomb Scare

A police specialist scanning the RegioJet express train in Poprad. (Photo by TASR)

Poprad, March 31 (TASR) – The bomb alert on a RegioJet express train heading from Prague to Kosice at the Poprad railway station on Thursday turned out to be a hoax, Presov Fire and Rescue Corps operation centre told TASR on Thursday.

“The hold-up and subsequent lengthy scanning of the train in Poprad was meaningless and unjustified, as there was no security risk. The Slovak police knew this, but, nonetheless, they decided to halt traffic at the Poprad railway station,” said RegioJet spokesman Ales Ondruj.

Presov regional police directorate spokesman Daniel Dzobanik later specified for TASR that the information on a bomb planted in the express train was published on Facebook in the Czech Republic. “We were alerted by our Czech colleagues. We adopted the necessary measures at the Poprad train station – the train was evacuated and a pyrotechnical search was carried out,” said Dzobanik.

The train left the Poprad station late in the afternoon with a more than 80-minute delay.