Sala: Drunk Man Took ‘Borrowed’ Dustbin Lorry on Night-time Joy Ride

A dustbin lorry (stock photo by TASR)

Sala, June 25 (TASR) – A drunk man from Sala (Nitra region), 34, decided to go on a night-time joy ride in a dustbin lorry, so at roughly 10 p.m. on Saturday night (June 23) he took the keys from his company’s waste collection vehicle and hit the streets, TASR learnt from Nitra Regional Police Corps spokesperson Bozena Bruchterova on Monday.

“Rubbish containers tumbled under his wheels, but that failed to disturb him in the slightest; nor did the fact that he broke one of the lorry’s windows in a collision. His romp caught the attention of a police patrol, which attempted to stop him, but the night rider evidently lost himself in living out his dream, ignored the police officers and raced on,” said Bruchterova.

According to the spokesperson, after his short-lived ride of destruction, the man parked the vehicle back at the firm, where police made him submit to a breathalyser test. Not only was 2.54 per thousand of alcohol detected on the man’s breath; the officers learnt that he didn’t have a driving licence, either. “Although the man insisted that he was providing excellent maintenance to the bin lorry and works as driver’s mate, meaning that his lack of a driving licence is no problem, the police officers saw several problems with this and in accordance with the law opted to arrest him and take him to a holding cell,” she stated.

When the man sobered up, he was charged with unauthorised use of a vehicle and endangering the public under the influence. If found guilty, he could face four-eleven years in jail. Furthermore, he will have to reimburse the damage he caused to the vehicle, preliminarily quantified at €1,500.