Survey: Trust in Slovak Legal System Increases to Highest Figure Ever

(stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 11 (TASR) – People’s trust in the Slovak legal system has increased over the past five years, reveals a recent survey carried out by Focus agency on behalf of the Slovak Supreme Court.

The average value assigned by respondents on a 0-10 scale was 4.59 in July, Supreme Court spokesman Boris Urbancik said on Friday.

“We can observe that trust in Slovak courts, the judiciary and the legal system has increased over the past five years,” said Urbancik, adding that the current figures are the best ever recorded in similar surveys in Slovakia.

The European Social Survey (ESS) in 2012 recorded trust in the legal system in Slovakia at 3.27, while the worst figure was seen in 2004 – 3.1.

Figures in ESS polls have been fluctuating somewhat, however, standing at 4.2 in 2006, and at 4.4 in 2008, before falling to 3.71 in 2010.

Improvement in trust was stated in the Focus poll especially by respondents with a university education and those from Zilina, Trencin and Presov regions. Conversely, people aged 55-64 and those living in Banska Bystrica region were among the most sceptical respondents in the fresh survey.