Toth: Marian K. Behind Kuciak’s Murder, Tailing Co-financed by Bodor

Former Slovak Intelligence Service member Peter Toth (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, January 15 (TASR) – Norbert Bodor, a Nitra-based entrepreneur with ties to the police, financially contributed towards tailing 28 journalists at the behest of fellow entrepreneur Marian K., said former Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) member Peter Toth on the witness stand when testifying in the trial of those accused of the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee Martina Kusnirova in the Specialised Criminal Court on Wednesday.

According to Toth, he was tasked with tailing the journalists by Marian K., with the surveillance operations carried out by Miroslav Kriak and Stefan Mlynarcik. Toth was also furnished with readouts from the journalists’ professional screening that were full of personal data about their family members, driving licences, cars and other private details. “I thought to myself – somebody’s going to get into trouble for this one day,” he stated.
“I have no doubts that these two people hatched and orchestrated the murder of Jan Kuciak together,” said Toth in reference to two of the defendants – alleged orderer Marian K. and alleged mediator Alena Zs.

Toth also broached the subject of Marian K’s online videos called ‘Na Pranieri’ (On the Pillory), via which Marian K. planned to supply the public with exposes on the supposed shady backgrounds of journalists. “The launch of the website was supposed to provide his springboard into politics,” stated Toth. “He used to say that this would be that springboard for him, his launching pad. Another plan was to send [interview] questions to politicians. The questions were supposed to begin with the words ‘Is it true that…?’. In this way, Kocner intended to confront politicians with the information that he had on them.”

The witness also stated that ex-interior minister Robert Kalinak was indirectly involved in the process of founding Marian K.’s now stillborn political party Ciel (Goal). Kalinak has denied this.