ZOJ: Siet, Most-Hid and KDH Have Best Programmes for Judiciary

A session of the Judicial Council (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 22 (TASR) – According to the ‘For Open Justice’ (ZOJ) association, the best political programmes regarding the judiciary have been drawn up by Most-Hid and the extraparliamentary Siet party, TASR learnt on Monday.

ZOJ president Katarina Javorcikova said that the political programmes of these two parties have the most balanced responses to the judiciary, including liabilities for judges and the independence of the judiciary. The Christian Democrats (KDH) have a less well-elaborated programme, but one similar to those of Siet and Most-Hid with respect to values and basic intentions for change.

All the aforementioned parties have proposed increasing the credibility of the judiciary via increasing judges’ liability and also improving the transparency of selection and disciplinary proceedings.

The parties have also proposed improving legislation concerning the justice system, making legal proceedings easier, strengthening related justice administration, increasing the number of higher judicial officers (one judge = one such officer), introducing objective indicators for assessing judges, precisely delineating judges’ decision-making powers and making court accounting easier.

Most-Hid has proposed setting up evaluating senates composed of professional judges, which would only assess judges’ activities.

All three parties agree that judges that are subordinate to the Interior Ministry shouldn’t be members of the Judicial Council. Furthermore, they also see some issues in the government’s, parliament’s and president’s nomination of judges to the Judicial Council.