Danko: Debate Will Start on Thursday, I Have Necessary Tools

Danko: Debate Will Start on Thursday, I Have Necessary Tools

Bratislava, February 19 (TASR) – The debate linked to the ongoing parliamentary session will commence on Thursday (February 20), said Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) following an MPs’ gremium and the adjournment of the special parliamentary session on Wednesday.

Danko claims that he has tools that will allow the special session to continue, but didn’t want to be more specific at the moment.

“During the past three years when a situation occurred in which MPs violated the Rules of Procedure, they always respected a warning, and even the biggest rebel, Igor Matovic [OLaNO], always left the chamber,” stated Danko, complaining that Parliament has neither a guard nor any other institution that could escort MPs out.

Danko said that he regrets that the coalition of extra-parliamentary parties Progressive Slovakia-Together thinks that it’s being original by copying Matovic’s style. Concerning their call for him to ask the Constitutional Court whether the session is constitutional, Danko said that he can only do so with a specific approved law. However, he can’t prevent the opposition from approaching to the Court.

Danko called the behaviour of the Independent MPs incredibly shameful. Commenting on pictures posted on a social network by MP Martin Poliacik ‘[Independent], who was pictured eating a wafer, Danko said that “only animals eat under the rostrum”.

Danko on Wednesday morning suspended the special parliamentary session until Thursday morning.

At the special session Parliament was supposed to discuss proposals to enact a thirteenth pension payment, to double family allowances and to scrap highway stickers via fast-track legislative proceedings. Lawmakers were due to deal with the Istanbul Convention as well.