Danko: I'd Welcome Rational Coalition of Parties with Structures

Danko: I'd Welcome Rational Coalition of Parties with Structures

Bratislava, August 12 (TASR) – Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) in an interview for TASR has ruled out post-election cooperation with all parties that support the adoption of children by homosexuals, engage in racism or deny the Holocaust.

Danko said he would be glad if a reasonable coalition of parties that have structures arose from next year’s general election. “I understand that there’s need to polarise before the election. I’d prefer it if a rational coalition of political parties was formed that have systems, structures and a manner of functioning, but, unfortunately, I don’t see such parties here at the moment,” stated Danko.

Danko pointed to the fact that nobody thought in the past that he could form a coalition with Most-Hid leader Bela Bugar. Danko didn’t want to be in a coalition with Smer-SD leader Robert Fico, either. However, he doesn’t see any other way in the future, either, as the country needs to be governed by “political parties that have organised systems”.

The SNS leader noted that he would prefer to govern on his own. “Unfortunately, we don’t have 76 votes to assert things that resolutely, and I have to seek compromises in the coalition,” he said. Danko believes that problems can be sufficiently resolved only by a firm hand and fast systemic changes, as was the case with the law on political parties that set financial limits.

Danko thinks that Igor Matovic and his OLaNO party along with the liberal Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party will find it difficult to survive. “They don’t realise that they’ve created tension with their policy of criminalisation, that people are currently inclined towards other parties and that there’s a need to combat that at the moment,” stated Danko.

Danko sees several extremes in society at the moment, pointing to, for example, potential cooperation between the Progressive Slovakia-Together coalition, ex-president Andrej Kiska’s For the People party and Christian Democrat (KDH) leader Alojz Hlina. “People must realise that it’s the extreme right in the sense of American liberal values. This liberal American view is an extreme, just like the extreme of Marian Kotleba [leader of the far-right LSNS],” claimed Danko, stressing that he’ll always try to engage in politics that oppose such extremes.