Danko: My Promotion Commensurate with My Age and Education

Danko: My Promotion Commensurate with My Age and Education

My promotion to the rank of captain is consistent with my age and education, said Slovak National Party (SNS) leader and Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko on Thursday in response to controversy surrounding his ascent up the military hierarchy.

Danko was speaking after OLaNO-NOVA chairman Igor Matovic lambasted him earlier in the day, alleging that Danko’s promotion to captain in the reserves is tantamount to “spitting in the faces of all the brave soldiers who are working their socks off” and to “demoralising the Armed Forces”. Matovic also urged Danko to renounce his new insignia, but Danko waved this at journalists later in the day.

“I will never renounce the rank. It’s in the Armed Forces of Slovakia, and I deserve it. It’s captain in the reserves, it doesn’t come with a single euro or perks,” he said, adding that he’s “proud of being a captain in the reserves of the Slovak Armed Forces”.

Danko went on to recall the year that he served in the Armed Forces with Defence Minister Martin Gajdos (an SNS nominee) – who has now promoted Danko – as his superior. “In light of my university education, the promotion from corporal to captain is commensurate with my age, education and relationship with the Armed Forces,” said Danko.

Danko went on to tear into Matovic, announcing plans for legal action against him. He also noted that Matovic as a young man benefited from a ‘blue book’, i.e. an exemption from the now discontinued conscription on the grounds of health. “I’d like to call on this MP from Trnava now to reveal what sort of condition he has to warrant a ‘blue book’,” said Danko.