Dennik N Publishes Excerpts from Alleged Marian K.-Bodor Chats

Dennik N Publishes Excerpts from Alleged Marian K.-Bodor Chats

Bratislava, August 1 (TASR) – According to encrypted chat transcripts obtained by the police, businessman Marian K., who is charged with ordering the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak last year, allegedly sent the reporter’s address to former secret-service officer Peter Toth in October 2017, ordering him to ‘paparazzi’ Kuciak, Dennik N daily reported on Thursday.

The daily also reported that Nitra-based entrepreneur Norbert Bodor, active in the security business, was supposed to arrange the screening of certain journalists and their relatives on Marian K.’s behalf. A chat between Marian K. and Bodor indicates that they discussed the situation in the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) and police, apart from moves to obtain information from criminal proceedings and attempts to manipulate their course. It also appeared that the two had a say in allocating individual criminal cases to specific prosecutors.

Dennik N claims that large parts of the conversations concerned politics, and it appeared that Marian K.’s associates were acting on behalf of the main governing party Smer-SD. Meanwhile, they were working to see “the criminal prosecution and discreditation” in particular of former justice minister Daniel Lipsic (called by the nicknames ‘Lipstein’ and ‘Gambino’ in the chats), opposition OLaNO leader Igor Matovic, We Are Family chair Boris Kollar (‘ski-lifter’) and then president Andrej Kiska.

For example, Marian K. allegedly wrote to Bodor in early January 2018: “We’ll need to complete Lipstein this year”. Bodor replied: “That’s 100 percent.”

Meanwhile, “the ski-lifter mustn’t be allowed to run in the next general election”, wrote Marian K., who was planning to set up his own party named ‘Goal’ with which he expected to enjoy success as early as in the 2020 general election.

In regard to the allegedly fake promissory notes worth a total of €70 million held by Marian K. against TV Markiza, Marian K. and a certain Stefan A. discussed “slobber”, indicating that this concerned former Markiza director and later economy minister Pavol R., and some “saliva things”.

“Are there no more papers on which we did the saliva things at your place?” asked Marian K.
Toth told the police that Pavol R. and Marian K. relatively recently produced fake promissory notes on old sheets of paper in order to present them as signed while Pavol R. was still with Markiza.

Stefan A. responded to Marian K. that he’d look into whether he perhaps had more papers like those from the “saliva things” operation.