Disgruntled Group Pounds on MP Bencik's Door to Reproach Him for Backing DCA

Disgruntled Group Pounds on MP Bencik's Door to Reproach Him for Backing DCA

Bratislava, February 20 (TASR) – Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) MP Jan Bencik had to deal with an unusual visit on Saturday, as a group of several people, who reproached him for backing the Slovak-US Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) in Parliament, broke into the apartment building in which he lives to pound on his door and call him a traitor.

The MP reported the incident to the police and also described it on his Facebook account, attaching pictures. In addition, he also filed a criminal complaint against the ‘visitors’.

The police, who dealt with the situation directly at the scene, claimed that security measures continue to be implemented by the relevant authorities in the light of public threats to MPs who supported the DCA in Parliament.

“Pounding on the door, talks of me being a traitor and snitch, and calls on me to open the door. In my opinion, it was pointless to meet them in the corridor and argue with them. As it went on for an hour, I called the police. But before the police arrived, the bunch had already left the apartment building …” wrote Bencik.

According to the MP, his wife was in the apartment with him at the time of the incident. Bencik claimed that the police checked the disgruntled group, who stayed in front of the building after they left him and his wife alone, upon arrival at the scene. In addition, the group plastered the entire entrance to the building with posters with his face and text reading “Here lives a warmonger, snitch and traitor to Slovakia”.