EduMin: CoFoE Recommendations in Education Reflect Slovak Recovery Plan

EduMin: CoFoE Recommendations in Education Reflect Slovak Recovery Plan

Bratislava, March 28 (TASR) – The recommendations of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) in the field of education reflect in detail Slovakia’s recovery and resilience plan, the Education Ministry’s press department has told TASR, adding that proposals from the conference should contribute towards a gradual introduction of the recovery plan-related changes.

“The content of education will also include areas related to global challenges with an emphasis on developing critical thinking, financial literacy, digital skills and environmental education,” stated the ministry. Two documents have been prepared as part of this – the outlines for changes in the basic education curriculum and the outlines for changes in educational areas.

The aim of the changes is to adapt education to the needs of today’s society and the generation of children, as well as ensuring that the principle of equality and accessibility of education is in place for all students and creating conditions for primary schools.

“Every pupil should be given the opportunity to develop their potential and acquire basic literacy and the skills needed to live in the 21st century,” stated the ministry.

The CoFoE recommends that mental-health issues and sex education should be included in school curricula. The EU might draw up a standard programme for this. The conference also proposes that the Union should support member states in integrating cooking lessons aimed at sustainable, healthy and tasty meals in national curricula.

The CoFoE further recommends that the EU should set up a funding system that would encourage the integration of a long-term environmental education programme into national education schemes for primary and secondary school pupils.