Coalition Wants to Use Summer to Agree on House Chair

Coalition Wants to Use Summer to Agree on House Chair
SNS leader Andrej Danko (stock photo by TASR)

       Bratislava, June 10 (TASR) - Representatives of the coalition agreed at the coalition council meeting on Monday on the course of the upcoming parliamentary session, the meetings of the cabinet and the content of the legislation, the so-called "Lex Assassination Attempt", head of the Voice-SD party Matus Sutaj Estok and the chairman of the Slovak National Party (SNS) Andrej Danko said on Monday, adding that they also agreed to use the summer months to debate what they can improve in their relations with each other.
        According to Sutaj Estok, the coalition didn't discuss on Monday who will be the nominee for the post of parliamentary chair. Danko believes they will resolve this issue in the summer.
        "We've agreed that the three parties respect each other, respect each other's positions and respect the results of the parliamentary and presidential elections," Sutaj Estok told a press conference on Monday. Voice-SD's positions haven't changed, the party respects the valid coalition agreement and the demands arising from it. They insist that the post of the parliamentary chair belongs to Voice-SD and they want Voice-SD vice-chair Richard Rasi for this post. The coalition council was, according to him, constructive. "We'll use the summer months to not bother anyone with anything. The House has an acting chairman who will lead the meeting, we'll do everything we can to deliver results to the people as of September," he added.
        Danko said that he and his partners had also agreed on the summer talks of the coalition council. They want to focus on the preparation of a new media authority, which should replace the Media Services Council. "We don't intend to get priority issues to the side due to personnel matters at the June meeting," he stressed at the SNS press conference.
        Smer-SD vice-chair Lubos Blaha reiterated the party's opinion that it would be better for the stability of the ruling coalition if Voice-SD showed generosity and the post of House chair would go to Danko. "But this is really a question of agreements, in order for those agreements to be durable, all partners and we must agree to them," he said at a press conference.