Ex-special Prosecutor Dusan K. Found Guilty by Specialised Criminal Court

Ex-special Prosecutor Dusan K. Found Guilty by Specialised Criminal Court

Pezinok, September 20 (TASR) – Former special prosecutor Dusan K. [name abbreviated due to legal reasons] was found guilty of arranging former “Takacovci” crime boss Lubomir Kudlicka’s release from police custody in exchange for a €50,000 bribe and of leaking information about criminal prosecutions.

At its session on Monday, the Specialised Criminal Court found Dusan K. guilty of all four items of the criminal charges and sentenced him to 14 years in minimum-security jail and the confiscation of property.

The verdict is not yet final and can be appealed.

Judge Pamela Zaleska found Dusan K. guilty of releasing Kudlicka from custody in exchange for the bribe, by instructing subordinate prosecutor Blanka Godzova not to file a complaint against the decision to release Kudlicka. “As a result of this, Kudlicka was released on July 21, 2017,” stated the judge, adding that the ex-special prosecutor received the bribe of €50,000 for the Special Prosecutor Office’s inaction.

Dusan K. was also found guilty of misuse of a public official’s powers when he leaked confidential information to Ludovit Mako. “First he informed Mako that the police suspected him of indirect corruption,” said the judge, adding that such conduct hindered the criminal investigation. Dusan K. also handed over a photocopy and some parts of the investigative file to the suspect.

Dusan K. maintained that he was innocent and asked the court in his closing speech to exonerate him.

Among visitors in the courtroom were also Smer-SD chair Robert Fico, along with MPs Ladislav Kamenicky and Lubomir Blaha (all Smer-SD).

Dusan K. headed the Special Prosecutor’s Office in September 2004-November 2020. He was arrested by the National Criminal Agency (NAKA) in late October 2020 and resigned while in police custody.