Fico: Coalition Doesn't Wish to Expose its Ministers to Public Humiliation

Fico: Coalition Doesn't Wish to Expose its Ministers to Public Humiliation

Bratislava, October 7 (TASR) – Coalition lawmakers didn’t wish to expose their own ministers to public humiliation, maintains opposition Smer-SD chair Robert Fico, who is convinced that this is the reason why the coalition turned down the agenda for the extraordinary parliamentary session initiated by Fico’s party.

The extraordinary session didn’t take place, as Parliament gave a thumbs-down to its agenda. Smer-SD had wanted to hear relevant ministers present their plans of compensation for sectors of the economy adversely affected by the coronavirus measures. The coalition saw no reason to do so.

“The session had nothing to do with the European money, nothing to do with the recovery plan. They’ve (coalition legislators) just been told by someone to vote against. The session was supposed to be about something else entirely,” Fico stated at a press conference.

“The session was supposed to be about what the Government plans to do, starting with the (parliamentary) session slated to begin on October 20. The Government has increased the deficit to €8.5 billion and it has €5.5 billion it needs to spend by the end of this year. We are reminding the Government that the money can’t be spent on December 29 or December 30. Our task was to draw attention to the fact that this money is available, and the Government is doing nothing to help,” claimed Fico, alluding to insufficient aid extended to tourism, culture, industry and the health sector beleaguered by the outbreak.

“Our entire resolution was coached constructively. We maintain that the ministers must inform the country what they’re planning to do. The governing coalition chose to vote down the agenda because it doesn’t want to expose its ministers to disgrace. They can’t answer elementary questions when it comes to the fight against the outbreak,” added Fico.