Fico: Government Manifesto Matovic's Science Fiction

Fico: Government Manifesto Matovic's Science Fiction

Bratislava, April 20 (TASR) – The Government Manifesto is unfeasible, head of the opposition Smer-SD party Robert Fico stated on Monday, noting that there isn’t enough money in the state budget to cover the promises contained in the document.
At the same time, Fico is of the opinion that the Manifesto doesn’t deal with basic issues concerning the state, such as science and research, the coronavirus pandemic and migration policies.

“It’s unreal, schizophrenic, made up. It’s [OLaNO head] Igor Matovic’s science fiction,” said the erstwhile prime minister. “It doesn’t deal with what will be happening in the next few weeks and months whatsoever, because they don’t even know what they should do,” added Fico.

According to him, the section dedicated to science and research consists of ten lines of “gibberish” without specific goals. Furthermore, Fico called on judges and prosecutors to comment on the section dealing with the judiciary, as he opines that it talks about the rule of a police state.

Fico went on to say that Matovic’s speech in Parliament on Monday, at which he presented the Manifesto, was full of attacks on Smer-SD. Fico noted that the Manifesto front page says that previous governments up to this point “misused the role of administering public affairs with the aim of gaining personal wealth and exploited law-enforcement authorities to persecute inconvenient people”, which he rejected.

The Smer-SD head also criticised that the opposition wasn’t given space to address the document on Monday, stating that MPs of his party wanted to constructively comment on it but the coalition postponed this procedure until Wednesday. “I hope that there’ll be at least some form discussion because the way we see it, the coalition would appreciate it if there were no debate at all,” said Fico.