Fico: No-Confidence Motion in Mikulec Fully Supported by Evidence

Fico: No-Confidence Motion in Mikulec Fully Supported by Evidence

Bratislava, June 14 (TASR) – The no-confidence motion in Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) is justified, head of the opposition Smer-SD party Robert Fico stated on Monday at a press conference, adding that there are official records that speak of Mikulec’s inappropriate behaviour and character.

According to Fico, the coalition OLaNO party headed by Igor Matovic has wanted to cleanse Slovakia of corruption, but it realised that this is no easy task, which is why the party opted to nominate someone like Mikulec for the post of interior minister. In the ex-premier’s opinion, the party knew very well what kind of man Mikulec is.

Fico noted that his claims can be backed by official records from 2012 that read that Mikulec asked for commissions from a company that won a public procurement when he headed military intelligence or speak of his vindictiveness, as he allegedly had someone damage a car owned by the former head military intelligence Drahoslav Balciar. Fico remarked that the records show that “similar expressions of anger and rage” stemming from Mikulec’s “volatile nature” were far from scarce.

Fico continued that the records also contained a story on how Mikulec convened a meeting between military intelligence representatives and the Bratislava-based ‘Takacovci’ gang to have the mob threaten a man whose dog peed on Mikulec’s fence.

The Smer head at the same time objected to attacks on his party and claims that Smer is lying about Mikulec, maintaining that everything Smer has said about the minister can be backed by evidence.

Parliament is set to deal with the no-confidence motion in Mikulec at a session due to be held on Tuesday.