Fico: Smer-SD Needs New Fighters, Not Theoreticians and Liberal Wimps

Fico: Smer-SD Needs New Fighters, Not Theoreticians and Liberal Wimps

Bratislava, May 26 (TASR) – Head of the Smer-SD party Robert Fico said on Tuesday that his party needs new fighters, not theoreticians and liberal snowflakes.

“Smer-SD needs changes of an internal character, including in my position and behaviour so that we can win a general election once again,” he said, adding that people willing to work need to be allowed to operate in senior Smer-SD posts. At the same time, party members should contemplate how the party could be made stronger.

Fico still sees himself and his duty within the party. “I don’t have anywhere else to go, this party is my offspring,” he said, explaining that he’s not the kind of politician who sets up a party only to destroy it. He supported this claim with examples of his decisions in the past.
When asked whether he’d accept the post of honorary party head, Fico replied that he needs to be allowed to make use of his experience of 30 years. “I know what I have to do, how I have to behave. I’m not one of those who are asking themselves what Smer-SD will do for me. Smer-SD has already done a lot for me,” he said.

At the same time, Fico denied claims about ongoing “fisticuffs” over positions within the party. He stressed that internal party matters need to be dealt with internally, just like in the past. He also claimed that Smer-SD is still viable, stressing that the party will need to engage in the social area as well as democracy and the rule of law.

The press conference was held amidst ongoing debates on personnel changes as well as the future of the party. Several party representatives have already expressed their support for a discussion concerning changes in the leadership. TASR has been informed that a number of members would welcome a mutual agreement and compromise between chairman Robert Fico and vice-chair Peter Pellegrini, who’s signalled that he aims to take over the reins. Some of these members have conceded that a post of honorary chairman for Fico would be a suitable option in their opinion.

Pellegrini hasn’t excluded the possibility that he could leave the party if he fails to replace his current boss, and it’s quite possible that several of his colleagues would follow him. His stated aim is modern social politics.