Food Shopping and Seeing Doctor among Exemptions from New Lockdown

Food Shopping and Seeing Doctor among Exemptions from New Lockdown

Bratislava, January 18 (TASR) – The lockdown in Slovakia extended beyond January 27 until February 7 but eased for those with negative tests for coronavirus, will involve several exemptions, including trips to buy necessities at the nearest grocery shop, drug store or pharmacy, according to a decision made by the Government on Sunday.

It won’t be necessary to have a negative test either when going to buy food for pets or when going out in order to care for entrusted children or other dependants. This also holds for medical treatment, including for people accompanying patients.

The elderly above the age of 65 and the disabled in wheelchairs will be allowed to go out to exercise within a radius of one kilometre from their residence, both alone or with members of the same household. The elderly above 65 and minors below 15 will also be able to go to the countryside within their home district without a negative test.

The Government has also permitted walking a dog or cat within one kilometre from one’s residence, going to see a vet and caring for farm animals.

Children in nursery school and the first five grades of primary school won’t need a test, either, nor will children going to see their parents or other persons of permitted contact. Meanwhile, a divorced parent, for example, can take their child to the other parent residing elsewhere.

Those on their way to take a test for coronavirus or to be vaccinated won’t get into trouble with the police, either. Meanwhile, it will also be possible to stand trial or testify to the police without a test.