For the People Defectors to Operate as 'For a Fair Slovakia' Platform within SaS

For the People Defectors to Operate as 'For a Fair Slovakia' Platform within SaS

Bratislava, September 8 (TASR) – Justice Minister Maria Kolikova stated at a joint press conference on Wednesday after she and six For the People MPs announced that they are leaving their party that the continuing tensions in For the People are harming the party itself as well as the coalition, which is also bad for the country in the end.

“Today, our joint story with For the People comes to an end because our project died within it,” said Kolikova, remarking that the decision was made following thorough consideration. Going forward, the minister and the six MPs will identify themselves as a platform called ‘For a Fair Slovakia’.

On this note, Kolikova claimed that their aim isn’t to set up a new political party. As for the fact that the defectors are set to join the Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) caucus, Kolikova explained that they view SaS as their closest partner and that they’re interested in collaboration with it on both expert and political levels.

The list of For the People MPs who are set to join the SaS caucus includes Vladimir Ledecky, Marek Hattas, Tomas Lehotsky, Vladimira Marcinkova, Michal Luciak and Jan Bencik. Former state secretaries for For the People Marek Antal and Zuzana Kumanova will cooperate with the platform as well.

Meanwhile, SaS leader Richard Sulik explained that Kolikova will join his party’s ministerial caucus and that she’ll be among the three people who will represent the party at Coalition Council sessions. At the same time, Sulik voiced his interest in developing lasting cooperation with the platform.