Bishops’ Summit on Migration & Family to Precede EU Summit in Bratislava


Bratislava, August 21 (TASR) – A working summit of 14 top representatives of bishops’ conferences from central and eastern Europe, including two cardinals, entitled ‘The Migration Crisis and the Family’ is due to be held in Bratislava on September 8-9, the Slovak Bishops Conference (KBS) announced on Sunday.

“The summit will represent our joint contribution towards searching for solutions to the crisis accompanied by the migration wave, the crisis in families and efforts to deepen cooperation between countries of central and eastern Europe. Europe should return to its Christian roots and carry out effective population policies. The Catholic Church wants to contribute towards European integration and mitigating tension in society. We’ll pray for all those suffering from war and terror,” said KBS executive secretary Anton Ziolkovsky.

Representatives of almost all European post-communist countries will come to Bratislava, including Hungarian cardinal Peter Erdo, who serves as chairman of the Council of European Bishops Conferences (CCEE), and Czech cardinal and archbishop of Prague Dominik Duka.

“We’re happy to see so many representatives of bishops conferences attending the meeting. We consider it to be a display of their struggle to make the voice of the Catholic Church on current issues stronger during the Slovak [EU Council] Presidency. The importance of the meeting is partly highlighted by the fact that it’s to be held shortly before the informal EU summit in Bratislava [on September 16],” added Ziolkovsky.