Boris Kollar: Congratulations, Britain!

We Are Family leader Boris Kollar (TASR archive)

Bratislava, June 24 (TASR) – Opposition party We Are Family congratulates all Brits who in Thursday’s referendum expressed enough patriotism and national self-esteem to make their country leave the EU, party chief Boris Kollar stated in a videoblog on Friday.

According to Kollar, not much will change for Britain following Brexit – perhaps apart from getting more freedom.

“They’ll remain in a free trade zone, maybe they’ll get a similar status as the Swiss, while they won’t be bossed around by dullards from Brussels on what a cucumber should look like, how a banana should be curved, and whether they should receive migrants or not,” said Kollar.

“Everyone should realise that if the EU is choc-o-bloc with stupid laws that push people against the wall, a Slovak ‘brexit’ could follow. There’s now big pressure on the EU to review its policies in general,” said Kollar.

However, the businessman turned politician noted that his party sees Slovakia’s future in the EU. “But being pressurised to accept European laws and receiving threats over migrants is a bit too much. A reconstruction of the EU is necessary, or else it will really crumble,” added Boris Kollar.