Caputova: Slovakia Stands by Czech Republic in Face of China’s Threats

Slovak President Zuzana Caputova (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 1 (TASR) – President Zuzana Caputova voiced support to the Czech Republic in the face of China’s threats following the ongoing visit by Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil to Taiwan.

“Slovakia stands by the Czech Republic. EU-China relations are based on dialogue and mutual respect. Threats directed at one of the EU members and its representatives contradict the very essence of our partnership and as such are unacceptable,” Caputova posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

Vystrcil angered Beijing by his visit to Taiwan, which China claims as its breakaway province and insists that other states need to follow suit. Over the weekend, Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi stated that Vystrcil will “pay a heavy price” for his violation of the One China Policy.

Even though the Czech Government hasn’t backed Vystrcil’s visit to Taiwan, with which the Czech Republic has no diplomatic ties, the Czech Foreign Affairs Ministry summoned the Chinese Ambassador to Prague in response.

Milos Vystrcil has travelled to Taiwan with about 90-member delegation of politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists and members of cultural and scientific institutions. The visit began on Sunday (August 30) and will last until Friday (September 4).