Caputova to Meet Zeman During Visit to Prague

Czech President Milos Zeman (photo by TASR/AP)

Bratislava, November 12 (TASR) – President Zuzana Caputova is set to meet with her Czech counterpart Milos Zeman, who’s currently in hospital in Prague, during her visit to the Czech Republic on Tuesday, November 16, TASR learnt on Friday from Caputova’s spokesman Martin Strizinec.

“Recently, the president has been interested in Milos Zeman’s health status. She wished him good health and a swift recovery in a personal letter that she sent to him in October. At the same time, she also expressed her hope that the two of them would able to meet soon. President Zeman informed her in his response letter that his health has improved to such an extent that he’s now recovering in a standard hospital room, in which he can receive visits and so they can meet in person,” explained Strizinec.

Caputova will visit the Czech Republic at the invitation of Senate Chair Milos Vystrcil, who will decorate her with a silver commemorative medal. She’ll also commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the 1989 Velvet Revolution in the Czech capital by laying wreaths on the Velvet Revolution Memorial.