Danko Opens Exhibition of Photos on Dubcek in Greek Parliament

Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (photo by TASR)

Athens, September 24 (TASR correspondent) – Visitors to the Greek Parliament in Athens will have the opportunity to see an exhibition of photographs dedicated to the memory of Slovak politician Alexander Dubcek (the leading figure in the Prague Spring of 1968), jointly opened by Slovak Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) and his Greek counterpart Nikos Voutsis on Monday.

“As the top representative of the Greek Parliament, I’d like to express my thanks and admiration for the work done by this prominent politician. The year 1968 was significant not only for Czechoslovakia itself; the events of that year influenced developments in other countries as well,” stated Voutsis after viewing the exhibition. At the same time, he presented a medal of the Greek Parliament to the Slovak parliamentary chairman.
The opening of the exhibition formed part of Danko’s official visit to Greece. Before meeting Voutsis, the Slovak parliamentary chairman visited Greek President Prokopios Pavlopulos.
On Monday, Danko is also scheduled to meet Kyriakos Mitsotakis, leader of the Greek Opposition and of the New Democracy party. On Tuesday (September 25), Danko will be received by the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece. This is the first visit paid by a Slovak parliamentary chairman to Greece since 2005.