Fico: Slovakia Must Be Stable and Prepared for Multi-speed EU

Prime Minister Robert Fico (Photo by TASR)

Rome, March 24 (TASR) – Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico stated on Friday ahead of the largely ceremonial EU summit due to take place in Rome on Saturday that he believes that nobody will attempt to block the key document entitled the Rome Declaration containing a pledge of 27 EU-member countries to continue in the EU as a “unique project”.

Apart from the Rome Declaration, the EU leaders will also focus on the so-called Rome Agenda paving the way for a multi-speed union to be pursued in the next few months and years, said Fico, adding that Slovakia needs to be stable and prepared for such developments.

Nevertheless, the Slovak prime minister conceded that there’s a risk that rich and powerful countries might set such a pace in consolidation of public finances, for example, that others won’t be able to keep up.

“Slovakia must meet the fundamental requirements, therefore – be internally stable, have its public finances in order and be posting high economic growth,” added Fico.