Gov’t Tasks Respective Ministries with Removing Country’s Transposition Deficit

Government tasks ministries with removing Slovakia's transposition deficit (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 7 (TASR) – Slovakia has failed to transpose the nine EU directives into its legislation that should have been transposed by November 20, states the latest report on the country’s transposition deficit okayed by the Cabinet at its regular session on Wednesday.

The Government Office in the report provides information about the transposition delay of five European Parliament and Council of the EU directives, as well as four European Commission directives. It also provides a review on seven more directives whose transposition deadline will expire on December 31, 2016.

The Government has tasked the interior, justice, transport, environment and health ministers with removing the deficit. The European Commission has launched proceedings against Slovakia for failing to meet its commitments in three of the cases.

The Justice Ministry failed to transpose the law on protecting victims of crime by the November 16 deadline. The ministry published preliminary information on preparing the law in late October.

The Justice Ministry was also tasked with providing notification for the law on recognising and enforcing property judgements issued in criminal proceedings in the EU. The transposition deadline passed on July 3. The law has been adopted since then and published in the Collection of Laws.

Slovakia is also facing the European Commission’s proceedings for failing to transpose the European Parliament and the Council of the EU’s directive on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communication networks. Its transposition falls under the remit of the Transport, Construction and Regional Development Ministry. The transposition deadline was January 1, 2016.

The Interior Ministry has been tasked with ensuring an amendment to the law on foreigners’ stay, which would transpose the EU directive of 2014 on the conditions of entry and stay of third-country nationals for the purpose of employment as seasonal workers.

Finally, the Health Ministry should provide notification for the already adopted law on the requirements and procedures in taking and transplanting human organs, tissue and cells. The Environment Ministry is supposed to adopt and provide notification for the regulation on the extended producer responsibility for selected products and on handling selected waste streams. The Transport Ministry has been tasked with adopting and providing notification for the amendment to the Railroad Act.