Heger Thanks Czech Republic and Poland for Protecting Slovak Airspace

Premier Eduard Heger (stock photo by TASR)

Prague/Warsaw/Bratislava, August 28 (TASR) – Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) thanked the Czech Republic and Poland for their commitment to protect the Slovak airspace until the time Slovakia receives the belated delivery of F-16 fighter jets.

“With this step, they’ve confirmed that Slovakia has great friends in their neighbours, indeed, and a lot of support. At the time when Ukraine faces a brutal Russian invasion, it’s important to have our skies secured. And for that, they have my extensive gratitude,” Heger posted on a social network on Sunday.

Heger also thanked Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad and his team for their work. “In a relatively short span of time, our defence under the leadership of Jaro Nad has got into shape in which it hadn’t been for decades.”

The agreement on the so-called air policing was put to ink by Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad, his Czech counterpart Jana Cernochova and Polish minister Mariusz Blaszczak at the Malacky-Kuchyna air base on Saturday (August 27).

The first batch of F-16 jet fighters is slated to arrive to Slovakia in 2024, set to replace Russian MiG-29s.