Lajcak: Slovak-Romanian Relations Intense with No Open Disputes

Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak (right) meeting his Romanian counterpart Teodor Melescanu in Bratislava (photo by

Bratislava, April 7 (TASR) – Slovak-Romanian relations are of a good quality, cordial and without open issues, stated Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak after meeting his Romanian counterpart Teodor Melescanu on Friday.

The sound basis for good relations stems from the important role the Romanian army played during the liberation of Slovakia’s territory from fascism and in Romanian support of the Slovak National Uprising.

Lajcak underlined the closeness of the relations between the two countries also in the context of the Slovak minority living in Romania. “We’re grateful to the Romanian Government for the conditions it has established for the [Slovak] community so that it can develop and maintain its traditions. We concurred today that the attitude of the Slovak and Romanian governments regarding minority issues is something that could serve as an inspiration in the broader European context,” said Lajcak.

The Slovak minister further praised the number of Slovak investments in Romania. “Last year we had a record turnover of €2.4 billion. There is quite a lot of investments from Slovakia, totalling €15 million and nearly 360 companies with the Slovak capital participation,” said Lajcak.

Furthermore, the two ministers discussed the Rome summit, the preparation for Brexit, the future of the EU, the NATO agenda, combating terrorism, strengthening defence and EU’s foreign policy.

Moreover, Lajcak promised that Slovakia would provide Romania with expertise learnt from its experience presiding over the Council of the EU. Romania is set to take over the presidency in the first half of 2019.

Melescanu confirmed that the countries are working on developing a close dialogue. “Our political dialogue is a dialogue based on honour and common interests. I’m delighted that the economic exchanges have intensified. It’s a trend that is important for both countries. Our potential is much greater; however, we should deepen it.” he said.

The Romanian minister further praised Slovakia’s support for Romania’s accession to the Schengen area. Both countries are convinced that it is needed to continue in the process of enlarging the EU even in the Balkan region, stated Melescanu.