MEP Stefanec Positive about CoFoE so far

Illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava/Brussels, March 3 (TASR) – Slovak MEP Ivan Stefanec (Christian Democrats/KDH) views the course of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) so far positively, but he sees a need for European topics to be carried over into domestic policies and education.

“The very fact that citizens of the EU can express their opinions, ideas and proposals for the future of Europe directly is a good thing, all the more so because European institutions will have to take them on board subsequently,” Stefanec, who belongs to the European People’s Party (EPP), told TASR.

The MEP himself has organised discussions as part of the CoFoE on topics such as economic development, digitisation, protecting children on the internet, regional development and a future based on Christian values.

He considers European integration to be one of his own themes and believes that the CoFoE can help to achieve this. He also stressed the need to carry over European topics into everyday life and school education.