Obama Congratulates Slovakia on Constitution Day

American President Barack Obama (photo by TASR/AP)

Bratislava, September 1 (TASR) – American President Barack Obama on the occasion of the Slovak Constitution Day sent a telegram to his Slovak counterpart Andrej Kiska, TASR learnt from the President’s Office on the same day.

“On the occasion of this holiday and commemorating the values that your Constitution represents, I wish the citizens of Slovakia a great deal of success in the years ahead,” wrote Obama in his telegram.

The celebration of this feast coincides with Slovakia’s Presidency of the EU Council, which is one of the Slovakia’s successes, and proof of having gained a leading role in international relations since its independence, he noted.

Moreover, Obama said that both countries share a common commitment of supporting freedom and spreading the shared democratic values and principles on which transatlantic cooperation is based. “Strong ties between our countries form an unshakeable base for lasting friendship between our nations and citizens,” added Obama.