Premier Heger Saddened by Latest Snag in Slovak-Hungarian Relations

Prime Minister Eduard Heger (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 7 (TASR) – Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) is saddened by the latest developments in Slovak-Hungarian relations in the wake of Hungarian Parliamentary Chair Laszlo Kover’s visit, unsanctioned by Slovak diplomacy, to the Slovak town of Samorin (Trnava region) to unveil a memorial for displaced ethnic-Hungarians.

Heger calls for the use of official state talks to discuss issues of common interest.

“As prime minister, I’ve repeatedly underlined the interest in good and friendly ties between Slovakia and Hungary at meetings with the Hungarian Prime Minister and the Parliamentary Chairman during my official visit to Budapest on June 29,” claimed Heger and added that he was assured by his opposite numbers that Budapest sees thing the same way.

Heger stated that Kover’s statements work to stir tension and militate against the interest in good and friendly neighbourly ties.

On Monday (August 2), Hungarian Parliamentary Chair Kover traveled to Slovakia without notifying the Slovak diplomacy beforehand, unveiled a memorial to displaced Hungarians in the Slovak town and delivered a speech condemning Czechoslovak President Eduard Benes’ 1945 decrees.