SaS Refutes Reports by Russian Media on its Alleged Support of Slexit

SaS leader Richard Sulik. (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 19 (TASR) – Opposition Freedom and Solidarity party (SaS) has objected to lies disseminated by some Russian media, who have stated that SaS supports the departure of Slovakia from the EU, or Slexit.

“The Freedom and Solidarity party has never been in favour of Slovakia leaving the EU and its chairman Richard Sulik has repeatedly spoken against such a move,” said the liberals.

According to SaS, the EU represents for Slovakia a vital space for national emancipation, economic growth and protection of human rights, which were brutally trampled on in the erstwhile Eastern Bloc headed by the Soviet Union.

The criticism raised by SaS representatives against excessive European bureaucracy, regulation, centralisation and inadequate capacity in the sphere of security has nothing in common with Slovak extremist forces that call for Slexit. “We consider this effort to be dangerous populist adventurism, which would lead to significantly damaging the interests of Slovak citizens as well as preventing the Slovak state from developing within a democratic framework,” said SaS.

The website reported earlier in the day that the Russian newspaper Izvestija broke the news of Slovakia’s potential departure from the EU, citing a petition organised by far-right party LSNS with the aim to initiate a referendum on the issue. The newspaper also insinuated that Slexit has also garnered support from SaS.