SaS: Summit Might Resolve European Problems, but Also Disintegrate EU

Flag of EU (Wikipedia)

Bratislava, February 19 (TASR) – Any serious consideration of the so-called Brexit or Great Britain’s departure from EU poses a grave risk of potential disintegration of Europe, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party claimed in its press release on Friday.

The party made the statement in response to the ongoing EU summit in Brussels.
Paradoxically, the effort to accommodate British demands for EU reform could give birth to courageous and efficient solutions to current crises troubling Europe, thinks SaS team leader for foreign affairs Martin Klus. “The union reform must translate into the realisation of specific measures for Europe and its citizens. That’s the fundamental basis of reformist stances promoted by European faction of AECR, the members of which are British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party as well as SaS,” said Klus.
SaS welcomes the part of prospective deal between EU and Great Britain designed to cut needless regulation. “It’s a necessary step in order to strengthen economy and EU’s competitiveness,” believes SaS team leader for public finances Eugen Jurzyca. He considers the Cameron-Tusk agreement to be the first truly pro-European motion, aimed to scrap the inefficient and useless regulation. “This will help accelerate economic growth and generate jobs.”
According to the liberals, it’s not appropriate to have the European Commission submit and the European Parliament approve the specific agreement bill only after the British referendum. “That reeks of scheming on part of the European institutions, which, for SaS party that insists on complying with agreements, is unacceptable,” said Klus.