Tusk: Millions of Europeans Not Feeling Safe

European Council President Donald Tusk speaking to journalists after the informal EU summit in Bratislava. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 16 (TASR) – Millions of Europeans don’t feel safe at the moment, European Council President Donald Tusk said after the informal EU summit in Bratislava on Friday.

“People have concerns of what’s going on and of insufficient control. They’re afraid of migration, terrorism and of their own economic future. We must remove imperfections from the past. We won’t continue as we have until now,” said Tusk.

The Council president further stressed that the EU can’t tolerate an uncontrolled influx of migrants, and it should focus on full control of its borders, as well as cooperating with Turkey and countries of the Western Balkans and pursuing contacts with African countries. The Union will support its member countries in guaranteeing their internal security, while the exchange of information between individual countries must be intensified, besides providing a boost to European cooperation in external security and defence.

Tusk highlighted that the European leaders have agreed on contributing significantly to safeguarding the Bulgarian border with Turkey. This will include financial, personnel and equipment support, he specified.

“In order to create a promising European future, we’ll strengthen the common market and bolster investments. We want to preserve our values and ensure a future for our people. I hope that the Bratislava summit will lead to a restoration of people’s trust in the European Union,” said Tusk.