Former Zvolen Mayor Vladimir Manka to Run for Post Again

Former Zvolen Mayor Vladimir Manka to Run for Post Again

Zvolen, April 25 (TASR) – Former Zvolen mayor Vladimir Manka confirmed for TASR on Monday that he will re-run for the post in the local elections due to be held this autumn.

Manka said he decided to run for the post due to a strong social order by citizens, as well as several parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties. “All of them think that Zvolen has somehow got stuck and needs to be pushed forward,” claims Manka. He said that people’s trust and support is a driving force for him, similarly as in the past when he, together with them, managed to make Zvolen a modern and dynamic town. “I will provide more information regarding my candidacy at a press conference due to be held by the end of May,” stated Manka.

He doesn’t intend to run for the post of a Zvolen town councillor and he won’t take part in the regional elections, either. Manka occupied the post of Banska Bystrica regional governor in the past.

Manka served as Zvolen mayor during two electoral terms, between 1999 and 2005. However, he gave up the post when he became a member of the European Parliament (MEP). He served as an MEP until 2019.

In the past Manka was a leftist politician working for the Party of the Democratic Left (SDL) and later in Smer-SD as its vice-chairman.