Good Choice Promoting Introduction of Eight Constituencies

Good Choice Promoting Introduction of Eight Constituencies

Strbske Pleso, February 6 (TASR) – The extra-parliamentary Good Choice party is pushing for the introduction of eight constituencies that would reflect the currently existing eight self-governing regions, party leader Tomas Drucker told a news conference held at Strbske Pleso (Presov region) on Thursday.

The main goal is a national parliament that would represent all the Slovak regions in a balanced manner, said Drucker.

“A change in the electoral system in order to ensure proportional representation of individual Slovak regions in parliament is a key issue for us and a key condition for joining a potential future coalition,” said Drucker, adding the party also wants to increase the number of preferential votes for individual candidates on general election slates from the current four to six.

Good Choice vice-chairman and Strba (Presov region) mayor Michal Sykora pointed out that Bratislava region has 54 representatives in the 150-member parliament, while Presov and Kosice regions are only represented by 12 MPs each. “In view of their populations, Presov and Kosice regions should have 23 MPs each in parliament, while the number of MPs representing Trencin region should increase from the current 10 to 17,” said Sykora.

Good Choice takes local government extremely seriously, said Drucker, adding that the composition of its slate for the upcoming general election attests to this. The top thirty places on the slate feature eight mayors of towns and villages.

Meanwhile, the party also presented ten measures for functioning and prosperous self-government. The goals are related to changes in the election system and concern, for example, modernising self-government, measures aimed at reviving and supporting agriculture, access to public water supplies and drainage networks and the construction of rental apartments.