Gov't Approves New Measures to Slow Down Spread of Coronavirus

Gov't Approves New Measures to Slow Down Spread of Coronavirus

Bratislava, February 28 (TASR) – The aim of the new anti-pandemic measures is to reduce mobility, slow down the spread of the coronavirus infection, prevent new coronavirus variants from being imported from high-risk countries and slow down the growth in the number of patients admitted to hospitals over the next three weeks, according to the resolution approved by the Government at its online session on Sunday.

If the desired effect of the measures fails to be achieved by March 21, a hard lockdown, shut down of production and closure of the country will be prepared, reads the resolution.
In line with the new measures, wearing FFP2 respirators will be mandatory in shops and in pubic transport as of March 8 and in interior public premises as of March 15.

A weekly sequencing of at least 500 randomly selected coronavirus-positive samples should be launched as soon as possible. All the positive samples should be re-tested for the presence of British and South-African mutations once in two weeks.

The vaccination strategy will be updated based on available data from clinical testing. The COVID automaton will also be updated in line with the adopted testing strategy and other measures.

Nursery and primary school attendance will only be possible for children of employees who have to go to work in person.

Those tested positive for COVID-19 wont’s be allowed to go shopping. The chief hygienist will scrap the current exception that enabled them to do so as of March 8.

The exception enabling people to go to the countryside outside their residential districts if they have negative test certificate will be scrapped. The validity of all exceptions from the curfew will be limited to the time from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. During the night-time curfew between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. people will only be able to go to work or to visit a doctor in urgent cases.

The COVID bonus will be introduced as financial compensation for all household members who must be quarantined due to coronavirus. It should motivate people to strictly adhere to quarantine. The so-called pandemic sickness allowances will be increased as well.