Grohling: More Students Might Return Back to Schools Soon

Grohling: More Students Might Return Back to Schools Soon

Bratislava, April 3 (TASR) – More students might return back to schools in the course of following weeks, Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sports Branislav Grohling (SaS) conceded in response to the improving epidemiological situation in Slovakia on Saturday.

The ministry urges public to continue observing the preventive measures.

“We’ve been in touch with the new Prime Minister (Eduard Heger) and the epidemiological team in these past few days. The situation appears favourable and if we manage to preserve this trend also in post-Easter period, the COVID warning system would switch to the regional level in the following weeks, which would mean the reopening of more classes,” said Grohling.

The gradual improvement in the epidemiological situation is reflected also by the decreasing number of hospitalised patients, but Slovakia is not yet out of the woods, warned Grohling. The future development hinges mostly on how well the Slovaks will handle the Easter holidays.

Because of this, the ministry urged the public to observe the restrictions thoroughly.