Hascak Gives Up All Executive Posts at Penta

Hascak Gives Up All Executive Posts at Penta

Bratislava, December 2 (TASR) – Co-owner of the Penta investment group Jaroslav Hascak has resigned from all executive posts at Penta, TASR learnt on Wednesday from spokesman for the financial group Martin Danko.

Hascak remains Penta’s co-owner. Hascak’s managerial posts have been taken over by Iain Child. Hascak was charged by a police investigator with corruption and money laundering on Tuesday (December 1).

“Jaroslav Hascak rejects the charges brought against him by the relevant investigator. In cooperation with his legal representatives, he will therefore use all available legal means to protect himself. Due to the situation, he’s relinquishing all executive posts in Penta investment group,” said Danko.

Iain Child will act as the managing partner of the Buy Out Division, which is responsible for all Penta investment projects with the exception of Penta Real Estate. He pointed out that the financial group is the largest employer in Slovakia, claiming that it’s operating in accordance with the law.

“Our companies are an important part of the economy in the region, where they provide products and services to millions of customers,” he said, assuring employees, business partners and customers that the investment group is stable.

Iain Child became a Penta co-owner in November 2010. He’s primarily responsible for investments in Primabanka and Fortuna Entertainment Group. The other three co-owners – Marek Dospiva, Jozef Oravkin and Eduard Matak – participate in the executive management of Penta Group.

The police conducted a raid at Penta’s headquarters in Bratislava Digital Park on Tuesday (December 1), detaining Hascak at the same time. The financial group perceives the crackdown as inappropriate and unjustified. The raid was allegedly connected with the Gorilla corruption scandal.