Hlina Shoots Down Offer for KDH to Join Forces with OLaNO and KU

Hlina Shoots Down Offer for KDH to Join Forces with OLaNO and KU

Bratislava, October 25 (TASR) – Non-parliamentary Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) chair Alojz Hlina has turned down the offer to join forces with OLaNO and non-parliamentary Christian Union (DU) and contest the 2020 parliamentary election together on a joint slate, TASR learnt on Friday.

“KDH goes back thirty years. It can’t merge with the party [OLaNO] that is essentially a private company of its chairman [Igor Matovic]. KDH is a member of the European People’s Party; it can’t merge with the party that has four members. The same holds true for the party that was bought shortly before the European Parliament election [KU],” Hlina posted on his social network page, alluding to the fact that Anna Zaborska purchased the Independent Forum party and repackaged it as the Christian Union.

“There are three politicians in the political arena today who didn’t found their parties in an honest way, but rather “hoodwinked democracy” by purchasing existing parties. These are Mr. [Boris] Kollar [We Are Family], Mr. [Stefan] Harabin [Homeland] and Mrs. Zaborska,” claimed Hlina.

Hlina also pointed out that OLaNO leader Igor Matovic attacked the Christian Democrats once again, shortly before their congress scheduled for Saturday (October 26), where they’re bound to approve their election programme. “Matovic wanted to destroy KDH a long time ago; today he even has allies to join him. The old guard that parasited upon KDH has sensed an opportunity to exact vengeance for being cut out from all the pork and even hatches plans to build a new party upon the ruins of KDH, one that would serve their interests again for many long years to come,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Matovic offered Hlina the third place on the slate and half of the spots for KDH. He also added that the Christian Democrats could form their own caucus.