Kalinak Takes Lie-detector Test over Case of Kidnapped Vietnamese

Kalinak Takes Lie-detector Test over Case of Kidnapped Vietnamese
Bratislava, August 7 (TASR) – Vice-chairman of the senior coalition Smer-SD party and former interior minister Robert Kalinak has undergone a lie-detector test over the case of the kidnapping of a Vietnamese citizen from Germany to his country of origin via Slovakia, TASR learnt on Tuesday.

Speaking at a briefing, Kalinak who is suspected of participating in the kidnapping, as he as then interior minister lent a government aircraft to a Vietnamese delegation at that time, said that the device evaluated his answers to key questions related to the abduction as likely as true, which is the highest possible assessment score for telling the truth.
The former interior minister also said that in addition to verifying and neutral questions, he also replied to four key questions related to the case: whether he knew about the kidnapping at the time when a Vietnamese minister was visiting Slovakia, whether he helped to organise the kidnapping of the Vietnamese citizen, whether he instructed employees of the Interior Ministry to participate in the abduction, and, finally, whether he knew that an intoxicated and beaten-up Vietnamese was added to the Vietnamese delegation in Bratislava last year.
Kalinak replied to all four questions negatively. “All four answers were assessed by the device as true. The expert in the final report concluded that the answers to the relevant questions were likely to be true…,” said the Smer-SD vice-chairman.
Kalinak went on to say that the lie-detector test was conducted by an expert who previously carried out a test for Opposition OLaNO party leader Igor Matovic. Kalinak said that he decided not to undergo a lie-detector at state institutions, as they fall under the Interior Ministry that he headed for many years, so the media and Opposition could have considered the results to be manipulated.
The Smer-SD MP also called on Dennik N daily, which last week released a report according to which the Vietnamese citizen was kidnapped via Bratislava with the aid of the Slovak authorities and aboard a government aircraft, to adopt a responsible attitude on this issue. “Because no credibility of the published information has so far been demonstrated,” said Kalinak, adding that he’ll cooperate with law enforcement authorities concerning this case.