Kiska: I Believe People Will Make Right Choice

Kiska: I Believe People Will Make Right Choice
Poprad, March 30 (TASR) – President Andrej Kiska and his wife cast their vote on Saturday as usual in Poprad.

In a debate with journalists he called for people to vote in the election or the new president wouldn’t have a strong mandate. “I believe that people get round to voting despite the fact it’s been a nice spring day. The more voters show up and cast their vote for the new president, the stronger will be his or her mandate,” he stressed.
The main task of the new president will be, according to him, appealing to the responsible persons to bring solutions and show the people tangible results. He noted that many supported extremism in the first round, although in many case not because they themselves are extremists. “It’s some sort of resistance,” he clarified.
The name of Kiska’s successor in the Presidential Palace should be decided this weekend. However, the outgoing president isn’t feeling nostalgic. “For sure I set great challenges for myself and I want to help our country. So a new chapter of my life will begin very soon. We all see what has been going on in domestic politics, new information on Kocner keep arising and the new president won’t be in an easy spot,” he stated, adding that he believes that the people will make the right choice.
The current president has two and a half months in the office ahead of him. During this time, he will visit Poland, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic.