Kiska to Remain as For the People Head Only until August 8

Kiska to Remain as For the People Head Only until August 8

Bratislava, June 28 (TASR) – Ex-president and For the People head Andrej Kiska stated on Sunday that he’ll remain in charge of his party until its congress due to be held on August 8, explaining that he won’t run and try to defend his post of chairman at the congress, however.

“My health condition doesn’t allow me to stay active in politics,” stated Kiska, pointing to his heart issues and a surgery that he’s set to undergo on Monday.

Kiska noted that For the People managed to get into Parliament six months after it was set up, which allows it to carry out its programme and fulfill its promises. According to Kiska, the party has obtained important ministries and it keeps working on making Slovakia a decent country, where there’s equality before the law and no corruption practices.

The ex-president noted that For the People is the smallest party in the coalition and currently finds itself in a difficult position. However, as he’s of the opinion that there’re many capable, hard-working, honest and experienced people in the party, he’s not worried about its future.

“I’m glad that we are never silent when there’s a need to speak up, and that we always clearly express our view. I’ll always support such a party,” remarked Kiska.