Klus: EU Preparing for COVID Passport as of June 15

Klus: EU Preparing for COVID Passport as of June 15

Brussels, May 11 (TASR) – The EU-member countries have the will to introduce the COVID passports as of June 15, said Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Ministry State Secretary Martin Klus (SaS) after a meeting of the EU’s General Affairs Council in Brussels on Tuesday.

“I hope that as of June 15, as planned, we’ll be technically ready to launch it all. Co-ordination of technical solutions and testing are currently underway,” said Klus, adding that Slovakia should also join the testing in order to avoid any risk.

According to Klus, the Ministries of Health and Information are working on the necessary solutions for Slovakia, with the Foreign Ministry providing assistance to them.

With regional COVID passports being considered as a possible solution if a COVID passport for the entire EU isn’t ready by the summer holidays, Klus said that Slovakia has received such offers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Denmark and outside the EU from Israel.

“Nevertheless, we maintain that the European solution is the way to go. We’ll look for a plan B with bilateral and regional agreements, if the European solution fails,” said Klus.
He noted that Slovakia has been yellow-coloured on the European Centre for Disease

Prevention and Control’s COVID map since last week, with the Czech Republic and Belgium reacting to this fact by scrapping the mandatory quarantine and testing for people coming from Slovakia. According to Klus, other countries should follow suit, while Slovakia is about to take similar steps when it comes to other low-risk countries.