Krajci: Situation with COVID-19 Improving Gradually in Slovakia

Krajci: Situation with COVID-19 Improving Gradually in Slovakia

Bratislava, January 22 (TASR) – The situation with coronavirus in Slovakia is gradually improving, with the easing of current lockdown being considered over some time, said Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLANO) on Friday, cautioning at the same time about the British mutation known as the B117 lineage.

According to Krajci, it seems that Slovakia is past the peak of its second wave of COVID-19, with the situation in hospitals expected to begin improving. Nevertheless, the number of patients on lung ventilation probably won’t fall soon. At the same time the minister expects that the situation according to the so-called COVID-automat will improve by one level from the worst one within two weeks, if current trends are maintained.

It probably won’t be necessary to have a negative test for coronavirus to go to the countryside as of February 8. Some shops might be opened, but a negative test will be required for those wanting to enter.

As for the most critical districts last week, Zlate Moravce (Nitra region) has seen a 75-percent improvement, similarly to the Nitra district. Conversely, Dunajska Streda, Trnava and Hlohovec districts (all Trnava region) are currently burning the most.

While 94 people have been dying daily due to COVID in recent days on average, the reproduction number of the virus is now below 1. At the same time 90,000 people have already been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Krajci further stated that many people have misused PCR tests paid from health insurance, so only two PCR tests per month will be free of charge as of February.